International Forum for Teachers (IFT) 2019

This is the world in which educators must prepare their students – for today and for the future. This is the world where educators must help students realise that conventional notions of knowledge, skills and competences are being redefined continuously. It is a world where teachers need to counsel and support learners to make decisions and solve problems related to personal, communal, national and global matters.

In such a world, the role of the teachers is multifaceted, and is critically important. High expectations are placed on educators to seeing themselves beyond the subject matter they teach; to the roles they play in shaping the hearts, minds and destiny of their charges.

To meet these expectations, educators must in the first place prioritise the building of positive relationships with students so that they may help them prepare mentally, spiritually, socially and physically to set expectations and aspirations for the present and future. To reach them, teach them and guide them, teachers must first show students that they really care about their well-being and the next steps of their lives.

The International Forum for Teachers 2019, will focus on addressing the following broad enquiries:

  • How can teachers develop sensitivities and abilities to create positive learning environments and relationships to support their students deal with educational, personal and social challenges?
  • How can all educators acquire the calling and skills to guide their students successfully to the next level of their lives–university and career–through counselling and mentoring?
  • How can counselling be the responsibility of all educators and not be limited to a designated member of staff?
  • How can teachers proactively resource information and knowledge to help students gain better self-awareness, set positive aspirations and be self- directed as well as resilient lifelong learners?

IFT 2019 - Speakers

IFT 2019 - Panellists